Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doctors Appointment with the Doctor who cuts people open

I'm sorry it's taken so long to update a lot has been going on. We went last Wednesday to the therastic Doctor we will call him mr cut happy cause that is all he is trained to do. He was not on the ball at all had just gotten home from vacation and was suppose to get in touch with the posion one ( the uncolgist) He was bragging in the hospital that he thought he could cut my tumor out and then in his office was saying he wasn't sure, mom metioned something about letting nutrition play a big part and we've done alot of research and talked to alot of people on how they have cured their cancer just by changing their diet, he told us we were crazy. I feel strong that the best way is not by posining my body with chemo and radiation but by jucing eating healthy this is called immune thearpy God created our body to heal its self but by doing that we need to feed it live food such as carrots kale and fruits. I've been doing this for 2 weeks now eating nothing but fruits juicing and some other things and I feel so much better than I did 2 weeks ago when I was in the hospital. well thats all for now I will continue to keep you updated on my status.

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