Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just over a month since the discovery

So my brother's friend Jordan threw a fundraiser for me this past Saturday and I was hoping I would get a chance to attend but unfortunately, I wound up back in the hospital on Friday after the trip to my holistic doctor. We had driven to Wilksboro and I was getting a nutrition IV and whatnot and on the way home, I felt as if my chest had filled back up with fluid so I felt the need to go to the emergency room so that I could get them to drain it. They did an sonogram and a CAT scan to find out if it was fluid I was feeling. It wasn't. Apparently my tumor has realized that we are trying to kill it with vitamins and nutrients and has developed something similar to a forcefield that is made up of protein. This annoying tumor-protecting protein shell has pushed against, and caused full collapse of my right lung and it is also pushing against my heart. The holistic doctor has me on a vitamin supplement that is going to eat away at the protein so that we can continue full-speed ahead with the plan to destroy this tumor. They sent me home from the hospital with an oxygen machine since it's kind of difficult to breath regularly with only one functioning lung. This has been an incredibly physically and mentally taxing situation so far but with all the vitamins I am taking, I am starting to feel a bit stronger. I really do believe that all of the prayers and positive thoughts people have been sending my way have helped immensely throughout this whole ordeal. If any updates become available concerning my condition, and progress towards overcoming this obstacle, I will let you all know. I am sorry for not being able to respond to many messages, texts, or phone calls. I get winded very easily and have some unpleasant coughing spells so phone calls are really not an option at this time. Thank you all for all of the support, it really is very much appreciated. God is good and there is a reason that all of this is happening.

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