Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Trip to my Doctors

Hey there I wanted to give an up-date on the latest. I went to my Uncolygist today. She said from the previous scans I had this past Friday that the cancer has not spread which is great news. She spoke to a couple of doctors who deal with my type of cancer in Boston and at Duke and they are both really interested in hearing more about my case. I will be going to Duke to meet with a Doctor who specializes in Sarcomas, to get his in put all of my doctors are working together to make the best decision, As of right now I will be having surgery I just don't know when yet. They are considering giving me Radiation before my surgery to make sure they get any cells that could still be there. They may want to do Chemo as well which I am not happy about neither is my mother since she and Sam are trying to build up my immune system up so that I can fight, as of right now I feel good I'm eating and I'm sleeping I have a very positive attitude, I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I'm very scared but I have my family my loving boyfriend Jason and all my friends in this with me and I am very blessed. I will continue to keep everyone updated... thank you and I love you all

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